About Us

The idea of Al-Ibdaa school since it was established in 2001 was launched on the basis of finding ideal educational standard for an Omani school, distinguished by its high level of educational standard and quality that fulfilled the requirements of American International Curriculum and approved by the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Education.

Why we are different

We at Al-Ibdaa school are very proud of the fact that we will be the first school in Oman retaining our Omani culture while delivering to our students the benefits of the American educational system.
The school is also proud of its outstanding graduates and of the numerous requests by other schools to provide them teachers training program in order to be able to cope up with the international standard of education.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality education based on an American curriculum in an environment in which Omani values and cultures are preserved and practiced.

Our Vision

The vision of the School is to provide excellence in education by focusing on academic knowledge and skills that will enable its graduates to become creative critical thinkers and life-long learners.
The School will prepare well-rounded individuals with a global perspective necessary for them to function appropriately in an ever changing, ever increasingly multicultural world, while maintaining their identity and inherited culture


Our philosophy

We believe:
* Arabic and Islamic culture and heritage are important
* Family and community are important for success
* Learning is a priority
* Learning should be fun
* All students can succeed
* Every student has value and deserves respect
* Every student has the right to a safe, clean environment


We endeavour to develop students:
* Who are respectful of Arabic and Islamic heritage and world cultures
* Who have high degree of ethical values and strong character
* Who have a strong multi-lingual foundation and who can function successfully in an ever changing world
* Who think critically and solve problems creatively
* Who explore creative talents and abilities
* Who are skilled decision makers
* Who are able to set clear personal goals and have the skills to attain them
* Who are skilled users in modern technology
* Who create and maintain positive relationships with others based on mutual respect