Educational programs


Security and safety:

A security officer has been employed to maintain the safety of the school premises, carryout periodic inspection for the equipments safety and the necessary maintenances of all utilities, as well as carryout periodic cleaning of the building, the halls and health utilities in addition to provide sound healthy environment for the students.


The school premises are equipped with clinical equipments according to health care specification under the supervision of a permanent nurse, whereas all students are subject to periodic medical check up at the beginning of the school year. All emergency cases will be immediately transferred to hospital in coordination with the parents.

Light meals:

The school is keen to take great care of its canteen and provide the best quality of food and drinks to the students with high percentage of nutrition. Staff members supervise directly the students of elementary level while having their breakfast during the breaks.


Elementary students enjoy two break periods during the school day, and one break period for middle and high school.