Educational programs

Educational programs and Curriculum

Study programs and curriculum are of the fundamental principles to achieve perfect educational policy; therefore, Al-Ibdaa school is very keen to use the modern method of education through which students will become creative thinkers and critics, as well as to follow the technical method of solving problems; whereas students will be able to analyze, produce and take suitable decision in coordination with their colleagues in group work atmosphere far away from individual work. The curriculum is characterized by simplicity and easiness to match with the students' different and various requirements at all levels. Also, the school is also keen on integral vocational activities with the aim of achieving both theory and practical knowledge of modern sciences.

♦ Ministry curriculum will be implemented on subjects taught in Arabic Language (Islamic studies, Arabic language and social studies)

♦ As for English program, an International American Curriculum will be implemented on (English language, Math and Science).

♦ Elementary stage from 1 st to 6 th grade, series of Harcourt text books will be used. And for middle and high school, Holt and Mc Dougal Littell text books will be used.

♦ Additional classes will be conducted according to the necessary needs of students.